Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

After a long and stressful week in Buffalo of settling in, I continue to do more inventory on the city of Buffalo, NY. I decided to go visit the State University of New York at Buffalo to ask the students, how many times or if any have you gone to Niagara Falls? To no surprise, a majority of the students that I’ve asked have gone to this tourist icon either with their families or their friends. Personally, I’ve also gone to Niagara Falls with my family when I was quite young and have not gone since the beginning of this study. A majority of the students also stated that they decide to go because it was either a family trip or because they were bored in college and Buffalo doesn’t have anything interesting to do after the school hours.

While being in the University at Buffalo, I also had the opportunity to participate in their Fall Fest 2012 event, where many performances by artists like J.Cole were present. There was a huge audience that was in this Fall Fest concert.  A lot of the people seem to be non-locals to the city of Buffalo, NY possibly because they were visiting with the long weekend of Labor Day. With all the people that came to Buffalo, NY, along with the three day weekend of Labor Day, I thought people would take this opportunity to visit Niagara Falls being that it is only thirty minutes away from the city.

As a surprise, not many visitors/tourists were in Niagara Falls this weekend. There was also no traffic while driving to Niagara Falls from Buffalo. This came as a surprise to me because Labor Day weekend is perfect for a family vacation, as I thought many visitors and tourist would have taken this opportunity to visit the Falls. While driving by Niagara Falls I started to realize that there seemed to be a lot more people in the Canadian side than the American side. I came up with the question: Does Canada use Niagara Falls more as a tourist attraction than the U.S.? Further research has to be done. Here are some links to what I’ve came across: