Friday, October 5, 2012

Advisor Visit

This is the end of week 6 and my first post to another month of my Off Campus Program here in Buffalo, N.Y. After a self- evaluation of what I have done, I must say that I have gotten a late start. I am one week later than planned from my schedule created in my proposal, which means that I have to be on my A-game for the next few days/weeks to catch up what I have not completed. Later this afternoon, I will be making a trip down to Syracuse for my advisor visit, which is actually supposed to be in between week 4 and 5. In this advisor meeting, I hope to achieve three goals:

1)    Have closure to my past study in Puerto Rico
2)    Evaluation to work completed thus far in Buffalo, NY
3)    Guidance to the following steps I will need to progress from work completed in order to answer my study question

As a result to this meeting in Syracuse, I've actually decided drive back down to New York City for my birthday weekend. I will be taking this weekend as a means of reliving home sickness since I haven’t had any physical contact with my family for 6 weeks. I hope after making this long trip down to Syracuse and then New York City and back to Buffalo will give me the adrenaline that will recharge my body to start working on continuing my process on finding the answer to my study question to my Off Campus Program, which is refresh everybody:

What is the influence of Niagara Falls as a tourism icon to the surrounding community of Buffalo, NY?

 - Edward L

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Road Bump

This weekend was just a break for me and my car. Unfortunately, my car was put into the car shop to be fixed. Taking a break from this study, I started to think about other factors of my Off Campus Program. Some issues that came up were my financial stability currently in this program. My budget slightly went off to a tangent due to some minor fees and maintenance. I am trying to support myself and have been working part time to support myself and this Off Campus Program.

Prior to this Off Campus Program, I developed some goals for myself which included: being more independent and finding my own design process without having any supervision from my parents and professors. But what I realized was that I do in fact need or if not need, want some supervision to help guide me in this process of finding my own pathway of design and independence. I realize that I need guidance and some supervision in my design process. I get lost and at times can’t find the way out. As for now I roam the hallways of Capen Hall Library searching for guidance through these selves of textbooks and journals until I run into some interesting articles that get me back on track. One article I found interesting was this one:

Can Buffalo Ever Come Back?

- Edward L