Saturday, November 17, 2012

Synthesis Begins

Historic Contextual Map

This past week has been an innovation to my Off Campus Program here in Buffalo, N.Y. The advisor visit this past Monday has guided me so far ahead in my project this week that I feel like I did a month’s worth of work in a matter of a week. Forty plus hours has been put into my journal sketchbook, project notebook, and design thesis.  I would say that the advisor visit was a success and has gave me that push and shove that I needed to start the synthesis of my study.

Some things I will start to do in my synthesis are analyzing: 
- Types of Tourism (Honeymoon, Ecotourism, etc.)
- Tourist Infrastructure (accessibility)
- Local Context (contextual affect)
- Historic Aspects (change over time)

This marks the end of week twelve; only three weeks left until the end of this Off Campus Program. This gives me about two to three weeks to synthesize all the work done thus far to answer my study question: What is the influence of Niagara Falls as a tourism icon to the urban fabric of Niagara Falls, NY?

I am still a bit behind from my schedule, but if I continue doing what I have done this past week, I am confident that all my work will be done and sufficient to answer my study question through my design thesis and all the graphic representations developed throughout this project. 

- Edward L