Monday, August 27, 2012

Welcome to Buffalo

After driving for seven hours upstate from I-81 to I-90, I finally arrived to the city of Buffalo, NY safe and sound. Moving into a new environment and apartment if always thrilling to me. I am now on my way to get settled in and get to work. First thing I've noticed was the vast amount of traffic and the amount of cars as I was coming into the city of Buffalo, NY. I also noticed the large amounts of parking lots and open spaces.

Streets in the city of Buffalo are thin in comparison to the amount of space cars have on the road. It seems to me that a lot of people in the city of Buffalo, NY rely on cars as a source of transportation in order to get to places like the supermarket or a local delicatessen. 

Everybody in Buffalo is easy to get along with so far and I have been able to manage my way around the radius of the  apartment letting myself become more familiar to the community in which I live in. The University at Buffalo is also quite close to me, which will allow me to get access to some of the references I will need for my study. 

- Edward L

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