Sunday, September 30, 2012

Road Bump

This weekend was just a break for me and my car. Unfortunately, my car was put into the car shop to be fixed. Taking a break from this study, I started to think about other factors of my Off Campus Program. Some issues that came up were my financial stability currently in this program. My budget slightly went off to a tangent due to some minor fees and maintenance. I am trying to support myself and have been working part time to support myself and this Off Campus Program.

Prior to this Off Campus Program, I developed some goals for myself which included: being more independent and finding my own design process without having any supervision from my parents and professors. But what I realized was that I do in fact need or if not need, want some supervision to help guide me in this process of finding my own pathway of design and independence. I realize that I need guidance and some supervision in my design process. I get lost and at times can’t find the way out. As for now I roam the hallways of Capen Hall Library searching for guidance through these selves of textbooks and journals until I run into some interesting articles that get me back on track. One article I found interesting was this one:

Can Buffalo Ever Come Back?

- Edward L

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