Monday, September 17, 2012

Active Nightlife on Rosh Hashanah

Due to the lack of attendance in the Falls last weekend (Labor Day), I decided to go again to see if this three day weekend (Rosh Hashanah) would have a better turnout in terms of the amount of visitors and tourist that will be there at night for the illumination. At my arrival, I realized that there was a casino called Seneca Niagara Casino and Hotel within walking distance to the Niagara Falls State Park. The casino had free self-parking in which I parked in and made my way to the surrounding streets in between the two locations. Between the casino and the Falls was a pedestrian plaza that included The Conference Center of Niagara Falls, several hotels, and many restaurants and bars. I felt like I was in a very active community full of nightlife.

While exploring these busy streets, I approached a huge crowd of people in what looked like tents playing loud music and dancing freely. I kindly went up to one of the people and was informed that they were participating in the Roller Derby After Party due to the fact that the Queen City Roller Girls had made it to the playoffs in The Thrill of the Spill. For more information on this event, click the link below:

I joined in for a bit and decided to make my way to the Falls. While walking to the illumination, I noticed a majority of their recreational activities or if not all of their recreational activities were already closed at 9:00pm, which is when I have arrived at the State Park. However, what caught me off guard was that there was still an active public bus that arrived right in front of the Park, NFTA Metro- 55T Trolley. 

- Edward L

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