Monday, September 10, 2012

Route to Niagara Falls

Prior to going to my study location, I decided to do some research regarding the fastest way to get there from the town of Amherst in the city of Buffalo, which is where I am staying for my Off Campus Program study. It took 25 minutes to get to Niagara Falls by taking Interstate 290 West then merging into Interstate 190 North and taking exit 21. Moments later I arrive at the Niagara Falls State Forest Park where you arrive at a big parking lot and all day parking for $10. There are many other ways to route your way around to this tourist icon. The significant point is that this tourist icon is close, 25 minute drive close.

There are many features of Niagara Falls; tourists come from all different times in the day to enjoy the many recreational activities. One of the many popular features includes the Niagara Falls Illumination. The illumination has nearly three million lights and over one hundred lighting displays through the year. The lights are turned on from the Canadian side, but as a tourist you can see the magnificent lights from either side. For more information please refer to the site below:

As I continued doing research regarding the activities of the Falls, I question what times of the day do most visitors come due to the illumination of the Falls which are only visible after dusk. From first-hand experience of visiting the site, I started noticing that the American side seem to focus a lot more on the historic aspect of Niagara Falls with plague and statues as oppose to the Canadian side in which they look a lot more relaxed and for every day daily use. Unfortunately, I did not have my passport and will have to make another trip to Niagara Falls on the Canadian side to see if it is indeed more glamorous than historic on the Canadian side. 

- Edward L

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